The Inspiration T(H)REE

Each Wednesday -on the 3rd day of week- I share 3 inspirational photos. 

Those might be the photos of food, fashion, people, art or any view from my window... 

My aim is to create an inspiration tree for the week.

Let those photos inspire us to make
- our lives more colorful,
- our week more stress-free,
- our selves more productive, happy and full of love. 

This week, I get the inspiration from the yummy looking desserts.
Let`s see the world as a big CUPCAKE;)

1) While eye-shopping at Via della Spiga in Milan, 
I came across this deliciously inviting window ;) 

2) I really wanted to stop here to have a Cupcake or a slice of cheesecake, 
but they were closed. 
On a Saturday? Why???

3) This is what I ordered as soon as I arrived in Turkey.
Strawberry Waffles at the Big Chefs ;)

Have a Cupcake inspired Wednesday !!!


minikkus said...

işte o son fotograf benim bittigimin resmidir gonca! naptın bana böyle, hem de aç karnına.. :)

Fictitious Fashion said...

Hi dear.. Nice pictures :)
N u won't blv me.. I haven't had waffles even once! :P
Also, it would mean so much to me if you could like this photo.. It is for a facebook contest! LINK

If you are not able to like the picture then either you can send me a friend request.. I'll invite you to the group OR you can ask them to accept you, with this LINK

and if it is not too much to ask for then pls like this photo too :D LINK

Thanks a bunch :)


gülümse said...

waffle beni benden aldı diğer şeyleri unuttum:))

Anonymous said...

oh wow that last photo...delicious

Lila Moonlight said...

Super lezzetli gozukuyor, yummi. Canim sana cok kolay gelsin, eminim cok basarili bir sonuc alacaksin, bu enerji bombalari kesin ise yarar :))

Aysun Karaalioğlu AYS♥STYLE said...

cok lezzetli simdi ne yapıcam ben..nutellaya kosayım bari..


Thanks God, There is a Big Chefs close to my home;))

Mesmerize said...

so yummy post:D
please visit me in free time:)