Our Life in Bangkok

It has been 2 months since we moved to Bangkok.
Getting used to live here with Cupcake baby.
Hot climate, exotic fruits, lots of Buddhas...
Here are some snapshots from our new life:)

Bangkoka tasinali 2 ayi gecti bile.
Cupcake Bebek ile beraber buradaki yasama alismaya calisiyoruz. 
Sicak iklim, egzotik meyveler ve bir suru Buddha...
Yeni hayatimizdan kareler:)


My Cupcake Life lately

Life is all about the Cupcake moments that we live, laugh and share....
After a long break, I am back to share my Cupcake life.
This time, I am not alone!
Let me introduce you: Cupcake Baby

Hayat yasadigimiz, guldugumuz ve paylastigimiz Cupcake anlardan olusuyor...
Uzun bir aradan sonra Cupcake hayatimi paylasmak uzere geri geldim.
Bu sefer yalniz degilim!
Iste karsinizda: Cupcake Bebek


The Inspiration T(H)REE

Expecting a baby girl puts the pink color at the center of your life :)
It is almost impossible to resist all pinky cute baby clothes.
But not only through baby items, pink is filtering into my life from many sides.
So, this week the inspiration comes from pink Cupcake items that I have recently bought.
Have a Cupcake inspired Wednesday !!!

1) Nowadays, I am attending so many prenatal courses 
including childbirth preparation, nutrition, breastfeeding etc.
I am kind of bombarded with information.
Hope that this pink notebook will help me to remember key points.

2) Although I do not like baking, I could not resist the cover of this book :)

3) And here comes another Cupcakes book. 
I would like to try baking and decorating Cupcakes with my baby-girl in the future :)


The Inspiration T(H)REE

 Each Wednesday -on the 3rd day of week- I share 3 inspirational photos. 

Those might be the photos of food, fashion, people, art or any view from my window... 

My aim is to create an inspiration tree for the week.

Let those photos inspire us to make
- our lives more colorful,
- our week more stress-free,
- our selves more productive, happy and full of love. 

This week, the inspiration comes from a tiny cute shop that only sell fish-themed items in Antibes, France.
From this shop, you can buy fish to fill yourself or to decorate your house:)

Let`s see the world as a big CUPCAKE;)

Cupcake Hayatlar

Cupcake Hayatlar

Cupcake Hayatlar

 Have a Cupcake inspired Wednesday !!!