The Inspiration T(H)REE

Each Wednesday -on the 3rd day of week- I share 3 inspirational photos.

Those might be the photos of food, fashion, people, art or any view from my window...

My aim is to create an inspiration tree for the week.

Let those photos inspire us to make
- our lives more colorful,
- our week more stress-free,
- our selves more productive, happy and full of love.

Let`s see the world as a big CUPCAKE;)

1) My yellow Cupcake Plate;)
Does Cake make you happy too???

 2) Another Dream House
I captured this view from my hotel room in Sofia/Bulgaria

3) Homemade French Onion Soup (Gratinee a L`oignon)
My first attempt turned out a yummy success. 
For the recipe, check the video from WorkingClassFoodies

Have a Cupcake inspired Wednesday~


Sex and the City Decoration Ideas

Previously, I did a post on Sarah Jessica Parker`s weekend home.
If you wanna check my previous post, please click!
As I understood from your comments, you like Sex and the City as much as I do.
This prompted me to share you some decoration ideas from the SATC movie as well.

Let`s start with the Cupcakes;)
Do you remember the scene that Charlotte was creating Cupcakes with her daughters???

Cupcake time at Charlotte`s Park Avenue Apartment

Here comes the photos from Carrie`s new home.
I really like her dining room -particularly the lighting above the table-. 
But, I found their bed room very dull and boring.
What do you think?

Carrie and Mr. Big`s foyer

Carrie and Mr. Big’s living room

Carrie and Mr. Big`s dining room

Carrie and Mr. Big`s bedroom

And here is my dream closet;)
Loved its neutral and romantic colors.
And this closet is big enough to share with a guy. Right?

Carrie and Mr. Big`s Closet

Let`s do some time travel to Carrie`s single days;)
Do you remember her small yet cozy NY flat???

Carrie`s closet at her former apartment

Carrie`s former apartment

You have seen photos both from Carrie`s new home and her former apartment.
Which one do you like most?

Have a Cupcake sweet day;)


Pazartesi Sendromu Tedavisi * Celebrating Blue Monday

Pazartesi Sendromunu atlatmak icin Pazar aksami deliksiz bir uyku sart.
Ilik sutunuzu icin, uyku yardim CDlerinden birini dinlemeye baslayin.
Pazartesi sabahina sis gozlerle baslamayi kim ister???
Tiffany`de Kahvalti filmindeki Audrey Hepburn`u hatirlayin:)
Ve uyku maskeniz olmadan uykuya dalmayin.
Cupcake tadinda ruyalar!!!

                   *                  *                  *               *

To celebrate Blue Monday without yawning, get a great sleep on a Sunday night.
So drink your warm milk,  then play one of the sleep aid CDs.
Who does want to start Monday morning with puffy and red eyes???
Remember how Audrey Hepburn was sleeping on Breakfast at Tiffany`s:)
Do not go to bed without putting your sleeping mask on.
Sweet Cupcake Dreams!!!

uykusuz pazartesiler


Makeup Collection

Today, I was planning to write a post on my record collection.
It is a very recent project.
I have only a few records bought from different record stores and flea markets.
And I do not -yet- have a record player so I use my records for decoration purposes.
That`s why I pick records by looking to their covers;)

Then, I remembered that my friend Lila Moonlight tagged me for a post chain to share my makeup products.
So I decided to share both my favorite record in the collection along with my makeup products;)

My record collection started after I came across `Troilus and Cressida` on a flea market in Los Angeles.
I did not even think a minute before buying this one.

`Troilus and Cressida` has been one of my favorite Shakespeare tragedies.

This little angel sitting on the record might be -also- influential on my buying decision;)
A recording angle: watching over us and record all our actions for future judgment day!

Let`s continue with my makeup products.
As a person who does not like doing makeup, I really do not have many products.
In the past, most of my products went to trash since they expired before even using:(
So, now I only have basic cosmetics of neutral tones.

Nowadays, I makeup only if I am required for a special occasion!
You can name the event.
It might be Halloween`s, Presidential dinner or 5 o`clock tea with the Queen;)

Anyway, here is my makeup products.
As you see, they all fit into my 2 Angels bowl;)

This is perfect setting for my makeup ritual;)

Below are close ups for my makeup products
(most of the brand names are visible; please let me know if you need any specific details)


The idea behind creating a post chain is to pass flag to fellow bloggers.
So, now it`s my turn to kindly tag Lulu`s Life, CottonCandyINK , Rainbow Gatherer , Hello Friday , Rachel`s Symbiotic Life and Fidoland to share their makeup products.
No pressure is attached;)
And if there is any blogger who wants to join post chain, they are more than welcomed!!!

Have a Cupcake sweet day;)


Cupcake Thanksgiving * Şükran Günü

happy thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.
Origins of Thanksgiving dates back to European and Native traditions.

Thanksgiving is mainly about celebrating harvest with the family and friends.
I like the tradition of coming together with all loved ones around the table.

Thanksgiving dinners have a great menu including turkey, gravy, corn bread and sweet potatoes.
Usually, pumpkin or pecan pie is served as a dessert.
Or Cupcakes with little turkey icing on the top:)

During dinner, each one tells what is she/he thankful for this year.

This year I am thankful:
    - for my Cupcake hubby;)
    - for my family who loves me unconditionally.
    - for friends who make my life more colorful.
    - for  life`s little Cupcake surprises.

And I am thankful for -you- my Cupcake followers.
What are you thankful for this year???

           *                 *                 *

Şükran günü Amerikada her sene Kasım ayının 4. haftasında kutlanır.
Şükran günü geleneğinin kökleri Avrupa ve yerlilere uzanır.

Temelde ise şükran günü yılın hasatının aile ve arkadaşlarla beraber kutlanmasıdır.
Bir masanın etrafında sevdiklerinle toplanma geleneğine bayılıyorum.

Şükran günü menüsü içi doldurulmuş hindi, tatlı patates ve mısır ekmeğinden oluşur.
Tatlı olarak da balkabaklı veya cevizli turta sunulur.
Ya da şekerden yapılmış minik hindilerle süslü Cupcakeler:)

Yemekte herkes bu yıl kimler ve neler için şükrettiğini paylaşır.

Bu yıl ben
 - Cupcake Sevgilim için;
 - beni koşulsuz seven ailem için;
 - hayatımı daha renkli hale getiren arkadaşlarım için;
 - hayatın bana sunduğu minik Cupcake sürprizler için şükrediyorum.

Ve tabiki -siz- Cupcake takipçilerim için de şükrediyorum.
Peki ya siz bu sene neler kimler için şükrediyorsunuz???

cupcake thanksgiving


The Inspiration T(H)REE

Each Wednesday -on the 3rd day of week- I share 3 inspirational photos.

Those might be the photos of food, fashion, people, art or any view from my window...

My aim is to create an inspiration tree for the week.

Let those photos inspire us to make
- our lives more colorful,
- our week more stress-free,
- our selves more productive, happy and full of love.

Let`s see the world as a big CUPCAKE;)

1) A perfect painting for the winter time:
I took this picture at Catalan National Art Museum/Barcelona

2) My coffee-table book for more inspiration:
a bit of Dior would not hurt anyone, right;)

3) Close shot from one of our Opera nights at Chicago:
love my striped clutch from Prada and my cashmere scarf -my best winter friend-


Cartoons * Karikatürler

Who does not like cartoons?
Last weekend, I visited a cartoon exhibition with a big smile on my face.
It was the 28th Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition exhibition.

Love cartoons because they have a common language that easily transcends the borders between countries and people.
A good sense of humor usually does not need translation.
I want to share my favorite cartoons with you.

The first 4 of the cartoons are focusing on the role of new media in our lives.
I found the Facebook Cafe very realistic.

The last 3 depicts different angles to approach our lives.
Would you be optimistic as the chicken on her way to microwave???

Have a Cupcake Smile;)

*         *          *

Karikaturleri kim sevmez ki?
Gecen haftasonu, yuzumde kocaman bir gulumseme ile bir karikatur sergisi gezdim.
28. Aydin Dogan Uluslararasi Karikatur Yarismasinin sergisiydi.

Ulke ve insanlar arasinda sinir tanimadiklari icin karikaturleri cok seviyorum.
Ayrica, mizah anlayisi genelde tercume gerektirmiyor.
Sizlerle hosuma giden karikaturleri paylasmak istedim.

Ilk 4 karikatur, yeni iletisim araclarinin hayatimizdaki rolleri hakkinda.
Ben, Facebook Cafe konseptini cok gercekci buldum.

Son 3 karikatur ise hayata farkli yaklasim bicimlerini gosteriyor.
Mikrodalga firina giden tavuk kadar iyimser olabilmek mumkun mu acaba???

Cupcake bir gulumseme diliyorum;)
Nadia Aghabeigi (Iran)
2011 Success Award/Basari Odulu
Musa Gumus (Turkey/Turkiye)
Kazanevsky Vladimir (Ukraine/Ukrayna)
Ahmet Aykanat (Turkey/Turkiye)
Bretislav Kovarik (Czech Republic/Cek Cumhuriyeti)
Listes Nikola (Croatia/Hirvatistan)
2011 Success Award/Basari Odulu
Farzane Vaziri Tabar (Iran)


Celebrating Blue Monday * Pazartesi Sendromu Tedavisi

Winter time is not only about snow flakes.
It is also about gray skies and fewer daylight hours.
We usually struggle winter blues and Blue Monday at the same time during winter.

So, I suggest you waking up earlier in the winter to get more sunshine.
To get a good sleep, you need the right pillow.
What about this red pillow with winter elements on it???

Do not forget to pamper yourself by drinking season`s favorite drink.
I love drinking Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate.
Or buy a box of chocolate cocoa and DIY at home;)

Get copy from those little cute penguins. And stay warm!

Have a Cupcake sweet week ***

             *                *            

Kış mevsimi ne yazıkki sadece kar tanelerinden ibaret değil.
Kış gri bir gökyüzü ve daha az günışığı demek.
Kışın hem Pazartesi sendromu hem de kış depresyonu ile mücadele etmeliyiz.

Kış süresince daha erken kalkıp mümkün oldukça güneş ışığından daha fazla faydalanmalıyız.
İyi bir uyku için rahat bir yastık seçin.
Bu kış mevsimine özel kırmızı yastığa ne dersiniz???

Kışın en favori içeciği sıcak çikolata ile kendinizi şımartmayı unutmayın sakın.
Ben Starbucksın nane şekerli sıcak çikolatasına bayılıyorum.
Ama siz en iyisi bir kutu kakao alıp evde kendiniz de hazırlayabilirsiniz;)

Bu minik penguenleri örnek almayı unutmayın. Ve sımsıcak kalın!

Cupcake tadında bir hafta olsun ***

winter blue monday


Sweater Dresses * Kazak Elbiseler

Sweater dresses are my life savers during cold weather.
I like using long sweaters as dresses.
You can wear them with leggings or colorful tights.
Being stylish and feeling cozy is possible with sweater dresses.
Here are my picks for Cupcake Sweater Dresses for this winter;)
Which one is the most Cupcake???
Stay warm!!!

          *                 *               *

Kazak elbiseler her kış hayat kurtarıcım olmuştur.
Uzun kazakları elbise olarak kullanmayı çok seviyorum.
Uzun kazakları hem taytla hem de renkli çoraplarla giyebilirsiniz.
Kazak elbiselerle hem şık hem de sıcacık olmak mümkün.
Bu kış için Cupcake kazak elbiseler seçtim;)
Sizce en Cupcake hangisi???
Sıcacık kalın!!!

sweater dress 2

sweater dress 4

Jeffrey Campbell black heels
£119 -

Chloé Lina Colorblock Tote
$1,995 -

sweater dress 3

DKNY cotton knit shirt
$225 -

Bottega Veneta short heels
$1,190 -

sweater dress 1

Markus Lupfer bronze dress
£310 -

Gucci bike booties
$1,150 -