Sex and the City Decoration Ideas

Previously, I did a post on Sarah Jessica Parker`s weekend home.
If you wanna check my previous post, please click!
As I understood from your comments, you like Sex and the City as much as I do.
This prompted me to share you some decoration ideas from the SATC movie as well.

Let`s start with the Cupcakes;)
Do you remember the scene that Charlotte was creating Cupcakes with her daughters???

Cupcake time at Charlotte`s Park Avenue Apartment

Here comes the photos from Carrie`s new home.
I really like her dining room -particularly the lighting above the table-. 
But, I found their bed room very dull and boring.
What do you think?

Carrie and Mr. Big`s foyer

Carrie and Mr. Big’s living room

Carrie and Mr. Big`s dining room

Carrie and Mr. Big`s bedroom

And here is my dream closet;)
Loved its neutral and romantic colors.
And this closet is big enough to share with a guy. Right?

Carrie and Mr. Big`s Closet

Let`s do some time travel to Carrie`s single days;)
Do you remember her small yet cozy NY flat???

Carrie`s closet at her former apartment

Carrie`s former apartment

You have seen photos both from Carrie`s new home and her former apartment.
Which one do you like most?

Have a Cupcake sweet day;)


Aylin at Lila Moonlight said...

Ben Charlotte in evini de cok begenirdim, Carrie nin ilk evini de, cok farkli olsalar da. Carrie ile Big in ilk dosedikleri penthouse da harikaydi ama. En son oturduklari evde ise en cok giyinme odasini begendim. Demek sizin icin buldugum evi begendin : ) Lulu ile vardiyali kullanirsiniz artik, aperitivolarimizi o balkonda icmek harika olur : )

lulu's life said...

Carrie nin ilk evindeki o meshur yatak ve yatak uzerindeki telefon konusmalari hala gozumun onunde.. Bence ilk evi daha sirin ve sicakti.. ama Big ile dosedikleri evin giyinme odasina bayiliyorummm.. Ayakkabilarini gosterdigi sahneyi hatirlasina !! :)) Bu arada Aylin'in bizim icin tahsis ettigi evimize bayildin sende degil mi ? O balkonda kahvemizi , hafif alkollerimizi nasil keyifle iceriz kimbilir :))) Muthis !! ;)

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

super cute post! gotta love SATC :)


Fashion Fractions

Anonymous said...

wow how beautiful, i have yet to see the new photos or her new place. but they look extravagant

Isaw Iheard Isaid said...

I love some of the details they added in Charlotte's house in foyer the Blue hat box, blue butterfly on the end table, green vintage bottle just a kick to the room, agree the bed room is bit dull but the as far I remember the view from new apt was breathtaking. Charlotte's closet to die for...

deniz saatçioğlu said...

Bu kadar güzel fotoğraf ve köşe içinden sadece ve sadece Carrie nin yeni giyinme odasını istemem, bir moda ve alışveriş manyağı olduğumu mu gösterir acaba?

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

I love "Carrie & Big's" new apartment. The mix of vintage and modern pieces looks very cool together. The dining room is really fabulous and I loved the kitchen & living rom as well.
Wish the 2nd movie had done better at the box office so they'd make a 3rd movie!!!

Psycho Cat said...

I love Carries former apartment, it was warm, cozy, and more like her :)

SymbioticLife said...

I love all of it. I like the newer home with Carrie and Mr. Big the most but that's probably just because there is so much more eye candy to take in. I like how simplistic the bedroom is because I think it allows the mind to rest but the richness of the colors are still interesting to see.

lacivertojelikız. said...

ahh carrie'nin dolabında yaşayabilirim zaman zaman :D

Skinny Moonstick said...

I could live in that amazing closet!!! That movie is just a perfection of style and fashion, and every girl's dream come true!!!
Good luck!

aelie said...

I loooove Carrie's wardrobe in their new apartment! It's my dream wardrobe! Although I loved her old one too x

StreetChic said...

adorablepost!so sweet!