Makeup Collection

Today, I was planning to write a post on my record collection.
It is a very recent project.
I have only a few records bought from different record stores and flea markets.
And I do not -yet- have a record player so I use my records for decoration purposes.
That`s why I pick records by looking to their covers;)

Then, I remembered that my friend Lila Moonlight tagged me for a post chain to share my makeup products.
So I decided to share both my favorite record in the collection along with my makeup products;)

My record collection started after I came across `Troilus and Cressida` on a flea market in Los Angeles.
I did not even think a minute before buying this one.

`Troilus and Cressida` has been one of my favorite Shakespeare tragedies.

This little angel sitting on the record might be -also- influential on my buying decision;)
A recording angle: watching over us and record all our actions for future judgment day!

Let`s continue with my makeup products.
As a person who does not like doing makeup, I really do not have many products.
In the past, most of my products went to trash since they expired before even using:(
So, now I only have basic cosmetics of neutral tones.

Nowadays, I makeup only if I am required for a special occasion!
You can name the event.
It might be Halloween`s, Presidential dinner or 5 o`clock tea with the Queen;)

Anyway, here is my makeup products.
As you see, they all fit into my 2 Angels bowl;)

This is perfect setting for my makeup ritual;)

Below are close ups for my makeup products
(most of the brand names are visible; please let me know if you need any specific details)


The idea behind creating a post chain is to pass flag to fellow bloggers.
So, now it`s my turn to kindly tag Lulu`s Life, CottonCandyINK , Rainbow Gatherer , Hello Friday , Rachel`s Symbiotic Life and Fidoland to share their makeup products.
No pressure is attached;)
And if there is any blogger who wants to join post chain, they are more than welcomed!!!

Have a Cupcake sweet day;)


Mongs said...

nice essential make up collection, I go for neutral tones too. I like your neutral shimmery eye colors.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Following too.


Fictitious Fashion said...

HI there.. You have a beautiful make-up collection.. And I am surprised to see that you purchase records for decoration.. that's a unique and nice hobby :)
Looking forward to see you in my blog

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essu said...

ama goncga ben ingilizce anlamıyorum :P makyaj malzemelerini begendim ama :P ♥

Aylin at Lila Moonlight said...

Canim, plaklarin kapaklari cok hos cidden, bende de var iki tane kapagini begenip aldigim : ) Makyaj urunlerin de az ve oz, ne guzel, kullanmadigin seyin yer kaplama durumu yok, minimalistic olmak cok iyi de, bazen beni ambalajlari da bastan cikariyor : ) guzel bir haftasonu diliyorum : )

indie by heart said...

Lovely post!

I wish I had a space like that to put make up on. :) Instead here's computer, all kinds of papers and bills and not much space to get pretty ! ;)

Have a lovely weekend,

xx indie by heart

Trendydolap said...

Nars rujun rengi çok güzel

GoNcha GoNcha said...

@Trendydolap: ruju begenmeni sevindim. eger almak istersen Nars`in Pure Matte Lipstick serisinden, ismi ise Tashkent

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hey Cupcake nice to meet you...thank you for coming over...I like you make up routine...nice and easy!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


WOW, it has been a long time since I have seen a RECORD! Sweet memories you bring up here!!!!

Have a lovely holiday preparation my dear and thank you for stopping by! Anita

lulu's life said...

cok yaratici bir sunum oldu Gonca'cim.. Darisi basima.. Bakalim benim ne kadar malzemem cikacak :) Bu arada Nars rujunun rengi cok hos duruyor :)

gülümse said...

bir taşla iki kuş vurdum diyosun yani:)pembe rujun rengine bayıldım bu arada:)

GoNcha GoNcha said...

@gulumse: makyaj yapmaya usendigim gibi detaylari yazmaya da usendim;) pembe ruj Sephora`nin Lip Attitude-Glamour serisinden, 08 Lilac lyric rengi.

CottonCandyINK said...

nice make up collection, ill be happy to do this tag! stay posted to my blog ;-)

Isaw Iheard Isaid said...

Nice collection and loving this posts. I also like your vanity mirror...

Alina said...

Great make-up collection!

Wida said...

Ah! I love your mirror so much! The small one!

Missing Amsie Blog

want more fashion said...

rujlarinin renkleri cok hosuma gitti !

Confessions of a Psycho Cat said...

Miss Dior Cherie is just perfect <3

Rainbow Gatherer said...

Beni de taglediğin için teşekkürler, sonunda bende bir makup collection postu oluşturdum, bakabilirsin şuan :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Great makeup collection and you're reminding me that I still have to try NARS blush!

Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes and dropping by. Have a lovely week!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

tessa said...

lovely collection :)
claw necklace giveaway!

tessa said...

great collection!
claw necklace giveaway!