The Inspiration T(H)REE

Each Wednesday -on the 3rd day of week- I share 3 inspirational photos. 

Those might be the photos of food, fashion, people, art or any view from my window... 

My aim is to create an inspiration tree for the week.

Let those photos inspire us to make
- our lives more colorful,
- our week more stress-free,
- our selves more productive, happy and full of love. 

This week, the inspiration comes from my recent trip to Bratislava!
I will create a detailed post on Bratislava soon, so take this as a preview:)
Let`s see the world as a big CUPCAKE;)

1)  I came across this art gallery/bar during our guided tour of Bratislava
Andy (Drink in Gallery)
This tiny and cute place is so welcoming! Is not it?

2)  Butterflies and fresh blossoms...
 Loved this handworked porcelain plate

3) Slovakia is a country where you can take a beer bath :)
As a souvenir, you can also buy beer shampoo and beer douche gel. 
Despite I like trying adventurous things, I opted out beer beauty products.
Still not ready to put beer on my hair! 

Have a Cupcake inspired Wednesday !!!


lulu's life said...

Kesinlikle Andy cok davetkar, kelebekli porselense cok cok cici.. Ony @gulcancooo 'ya alsam sanirim cok mutlu olur.. Kendisi bir kelebekkolik :) beer shampoo ?? hihihi l'm not sure if l can use it for my hair ! :)) but it's very nice present ! ;)

Lila Moonlight said...

Goncacim, ikinci resimdeki herseyi istiyorum, o porselen tabak harika, minik tavsanlar ve yesil kristaller, ne guzel bir detay yakalamissin yine : )