Home Cupcake Home

What makes a house home sweet home? Home is not something that we can create with pricey furnitures and trendy gadgets.

For me, home is everything that is meaningful and memory full surrounding me and the loved ones. That`s why our home flourishes as my hubby and I live and travel together.

Every single item at our place has a meaning for us. When we sit at our loveseat sofa, what we see is not only an art frame. It reminds us our summer vacation in Croatia. A piece of art takes us to the tiny corridors of Diocletian`s Palace in Split. Our Antique lamp shade not only lighten our room but it also brings us childhood memories. Our composer friends accompany us as we listen classical music recalling concert halls in Vienna.

So, let`s peek at our Cupcake home;) Our cupcake tour starts from TV room where we usually have movie nights and reading sessions.

PS. And special thanks goes to my blogger friend Aylin for inspiring me to post some photos from our new home in Turkey.


lulucumm said...

You are inspiring me too !! Love Aylin & Goncha !! :))

Aylin at Lila Moonlight said...

Goncha cim : ) cok sagol cupcake im, duygulandirdin beni. Gule gule oturun evinizde ve ask kanepesinde : ) Yakinda gelip o mor likor bardaklarindan birlite icip, anilarla cevrili evinde guzel hikayelerini dinlemek istiyorum : )