Cupcake Art * Pop-art by Roman Đuranović

My followers would remember that Cer Modern is one of my favorite places in Ankara.
Last weekend, we had art-brunch with friends at Cer Modern.
After brunch, we visited `Lifestyle` exhibition by Roman Đuranovic.
Figures in Đuranovic`s art are simple characters donned in colorful outfit.
His figures use semi-transparent sunglasses to conceal themselves.
Behind sunglasses, what we see is the illusion of  success and wealth. 
Pop-art always reminds me colorful Cupcakes -colorful, creamy yet hidden calories-;)
My favorite paintings from the exhibition are Super Star and Enjoy. 
What do you think???

Lifestyle 2010-Roman Đuranović
Cupcake Hayatlar

Super Star 2011-Roman Đuranović
Cupcake Hayatlar
Holzwege 2010-Roman Đuranović
Cupcake Hayatlar
Paranoia 2010-Roman Đuranović
Cupcake Hayatlar
Enjoy 2006-Roman Đuranović
Cupcake Hayatlar
Poached Egg 2010-Roman Đuranović
Cupcake Hayatlar
Lifestyle 2010-Roman Đuranović
Cupcake Hayatlar
White 2009-Roman Đuranović
Cupcake Hayatlar
Dass Rot 2009-Roman Đuranović
Cupcake Hayatlar
Sunday Afternoon 2010-Roman Đuranović
Cupcake Hayatlar

Cupcake Hayatlar


Anonymous said...

i am a huge fan of art work, these are lovely

duju said...

çok keyifli ve anlamlı fotoğraflar...

Lola said...

This is so good!

Daria said...

Great photos! Love your blog!

please visit and follow:

inmyhansonshirt said...

These are some extraordinarily beautiful paintings! I really really love the fourth piece.

Clara Turbay said...

Great job here. i love it all.

Fashionthroughtravel said...

I really like his paintings!

Franka said...

Also great images!!!

♥ Franka

lulu's life said...

Cok cupcake ! ve cok anlamlilar.. Tesekkurler paylasimin icin Gonca'cim ;)

white witch Hi_D said...

Wow! These paintings are amazing...
I like Paranoia, Sunday Afternoon, and yes, Enjoy looks rad...
Thanks for following...
Following you back now...


REÇELİM said...

fotoğraflar çok güzel izeyicim olduğunuz için teşekkürler:)

ben zaten sizin izleyiciniz olmuştum:)


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ohh these are FUN!!!!!!!!!

Thank YOU for visiting!! Anita

hello, Friday said...

Fun. I see the humor in these paintings. xoxo

Wear A Smile! said...

çok etkileyici resimler, özellikle ilk karedekini sevdim..

sevgiler, iyi haftalar..

Wear A Smile!

gülümse said...

çok hoş görünüyorlar,ben de beğendim

zeys said...

Cern modern i bende cok seviyorum ankaraya gottigimde firsat buldukca gitmeye calisiyorum..Resimler cok etkileyici hepsini cok begendim

karin said...

I really like them, love modern art.Kisses from

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

So awesome! I love them

Anonymous said...

these paintings are wonderful!

Isaw Iheard Isaid said...

Very interesting paintings. Each painting does seems like a snapshot of of a moments....nice one!

Yara Simón said...

These are great!

sonsuz dekorasyon said...

çok hoş resimler çok beğendim ve de anlamlı..

Sarah said...

These are amazing!