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My dear friend Aylin from LilaMoonlight tagged me on a great topic of personal care products that I am using.
So here my favorite personal care products:

1- Hair care products :

Cupcake Hayatlar

Burt s Bees beauty product
$8 -

Burt s Bees hair
$8 -

I am using Burt`s Bees very volumuzing shampoo and conditioner for my hair.
Love the heavenly smell of pomegranate ;)
I suggest Burt`s Bees products if you are looking for an earth-friendly natural personal care products.

2- Face and body products : Since my skin is prone to acne, I prefer using Clinique`s skin products.
I am quite happy with them since they are allergy tested and 100% fragrance free.
Yet, recently I had some redness issue on my face after using Clinique lotion.
So I opted to replace my lotion.
I just got Estee Lauder`s Perfectly Clean fresh balancing lotion.
It`s my first week, but I am quite happy with that.

For my eyes, I am also a fan of Clinique.
Clinique All about Eyes Serum is my to-go-item when I wake up with puffy eyes.
I am using the Clinique All about Eyes eye cream as well.
My consultant at the Sephora suggested me to replace it with YSL youth liberator eye cream.
So, I started to use YSL`s tester this week to decide whether or not change my eye cream.

And I occasionally apply Clinique`s 7 day scrub cream.

And once a month, I apply Philosophy`s Oxygen Peel kit at home.
Whenever I use this, I once again appreciate my personal skin care consultant at the Nordstrom Chicago.
I do not know how my skin would have struggle with all the stress if I could not meet such great product.

I like using lavender and/or olive oil soaps. Currently, I am using Durance`s mini lavender soaps.

For body, during and/or after shower I love using Neutrogena`s Sesame oil , it smells and feels so good.
It is the product that I finish almost once in every month.
And I do not have any plans of changing it in the near future.

Sometimes, I use L`Occitane Lavender oil, too.
Cupcake tip: I drop lavender oil to my pillow to get a more relaxed sleep ;)

After shower, I use Vaseline`s Cocoa Butter Body Lotion.

3- Lip care products : Befine`s Lip Serum with chamomile and beets is my favorite nowadays.

4- Hand and Foot care products : For hand, now I am using L`Occitane Lavender hand cream.
For the foot, I prefer using Scholl products.

5- Latest personal care product buy : I bought Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum.

And I am tagging:

Cotton Candy Ink, Lulu`s Life, Kova Kadiniyim Ben, Rainbow Gatherer and Lunapark Queen.

Have a sweet personal care routine !
As sweet as  my mini-Cupcake towel weights ;)


Anonymous said...

nice products , i love burts bees ;-)

the creation of beauty is art. said...

It's always interesting hearing about the products that people love!

lateybirdy said...

bu tag olayına bayıldım ben ya :)


Lila Moonlight said...

Goncacim, oncelikle hemen yaptigin icin coook tesekkur ederim. Sabah postunu gordum, hos bir surpriz oldu ama detayli okumak istedigim icin once, yorumu simdi birakabiliyorum ancak ( Bir IKEA kacamagi yaptik ta : ) ) Oncelikle narli kolaj cok hosuma gitti, senin urunleri sunum seklinde. Aslinda urunlerin resmini cekmek sart degildi sanirim, Gokce nin orijinal postunda yoktu urunlerin resmi, ben ekledim : ) Senin de yapmani sevdim : ) Gelelim urunlere, ben narli urunleri cok severim, Dr Murad dan kullanmistim hatta, Burts Bees in de methini cok duydum, cok pahali da degil hem, ama burada hic gormedim, sen TR de rasladinmi? clinique urunleri ben de seviyorum, bir ara dramatically different moisturizer ini kullaniyordum. Bir de lila ve ucuk yesil ambalajlarini da seviyorum : ) Huyum kurusun ambalaj her urunu almaya karar verirken etkili oluyor, mesela Kiehls i seviyorum ama ambalajlari tam benlik degil : ) Loccitane in lavantali herseyine bayiliyorum, bu el kremini ben de kullandim yeni bitti. Neutragena nin susam yagini not aliyorum, bu kadar cok kullandigina gore vardir kesin bir hikmeti : ) Baci

lulu's life said...

Canim cupcake'immm mimim ciftlendi.. En kisa surede hazirlamaya calisacagim bende ! (umarim)